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Have you ever wondered where you car is? Or how to improve your transport operations? A lot of managers are unaware of what’s really happening out in the field. That means missed opportunities, poor productivity or unnecessary costs. Having a Fleet management system is your first step to increasing productivity.

At Star Trac Uganda, we offer real time vehicle tracking, monitoring and Fuel management solutions that gives you more time to focus on your core business.

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Our GPS tracking system supports both small and large vehicles

When you are in business the best way to profitability is using a cost effective monitoring solution for managing your vehicles and drivers.

Our real time GPS tracking solutions helps you manage your assets and teams from anywhere using computers and mobile phone. Giving you a peace of mind.

Get in touch with our professional team for a comprehensive solution for your business. We offer a unified system for fleet management, driver safety, and compliance.

Do you know where your car is?

Just Track it & have a peace of mind

Some advantages of vehicle tracking  system includes:

Live monitoring

  • Vehicle visibility and live location monitoring from from phone or computer.
  • Easy to use system with detailed maps and traffic monitoring feature
  • Violation alarms and notices on phone or email

  • Efficiency

  • Improved driver efficiency & performance saves you money
  • Vehicle and driver safety
  • Vehicle recovery assistance and great customer support

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